Hight quality technical insulation

17 years of experience in the field


We are highest qualification specialist from Lithuania, reaching to become your construction work partners. We have a branch in Denmark. Our company performs everything within technical insulation - including thermal insulation, cooling insulation, fire insulation. We would discuss technical quality insulation and tinning problems. We are experienced, flexible and mobile industry. Working under a unique team motivation system, therefore high and fast quality delivery service is guaranteed.

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We are working with newly built, renovated and repaired objects. Offshore, onshore and in high-rise buildings. We work with the materials you provided under your specific needs. We strictly stick to quality and health and safety procedures. All specialists are highly qualified and true professionals in the field.

In a short amount of time we will send and form the best suiting specialist team to meet your needs. We can assemble a large group up to 20 experienced professionals for fast fulfillment of a large orders.


We run a highly qualified and motivated workforce that is prepared to complete your projects.We are striving for long term business relationships based on outstanding performance and long-lasting partnerships.In order to stay ahead of the market, expand on our promises and deliver successful results we base our values on Professionalism.


Customers First: We aim to become the customers’ first choice. Understanding our customers and meeting their needs is the core of our work.Our People are Our Wealth: Our people are the special power of IZOTEHAS. We firmly believe that by creating a safe and inspiring working environment and helping our employees to reveal their best qualities, we can achieve the highest results.Sustainable Future: We realize that creating a better tomorrow for future generations is the responsibility of each of us and know that the effort from each of us counts.